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Michigan Convoy

On March 17 the first convoy headed out from Michigan to help ranchers devastated by wildfires in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Since then, multiple trips have been made back to the area with supplies. To learn more about their trips, visit their Facebook page.

The pictures below represent our many volunteers who helped make this convoy possible.

The first convoy leaving on March 17: Jeremy Lung, Matt Booms, Jamie Grifka, Jack Fischer, Robert Vorhies, Rob Vorhies, Jenna Schaller, Joe Zdunic, Matt Schaller, Chelsea Zdunic, Keith Woods, Macy Cole, Eddie Fahley, Christy Gordon, Rodney Gordon and Jody Holbrook. (Photo courtesy of Michigan Farm Bureau.)

We were even able to stop at TSC in Miami, OK, to buy $4,600 in supplies for the 4-H kids helping raise orphan calves.

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