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Volunteers from all across Michigan have joined together to bring relief to farmers/ranchers that have experienced devastation. Please see the quotes below to learn about why these volunteers stepped up to help with the wildfire relief efforts. To learn more about the different groups and projects involved in Ag Community Relief, read our "Helping Hands" blog.

“It gives them a little determination, I think, to continue on. Where some of them were saying that they didn’t think they’d be able to continue.”

Larry Kartes


“You just hope that if you were in the same situation, that people from other areas and other states would do the same thing.”

Sarah Smith


“I don’t want to sound like we’re any heroes because we’re not. These guys have to deal with this every day. We just showed up and helped as much as we can.” 

Mandy Teachworth


“They were a community in need. We were able to help. I didn’t even think twice about it, I just went.”

Jock Kartes


"The Bar B Ranch was the largest of the ranches that we delivered to in Oklahoma and where I unloaded my trailer. On the 45,000 acres that they ranch on, about 70% of it was burnt. I think they're relying pretty heavy on the donations coming in with hay."

Matt Schaller

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