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Texas Hurricane Relief

Ag Community Relief worked with Texas FFA & Extension Affiliates to send relief items to farms/ranches recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Countryside Transport donated a semi truck/driver/fuel to deliver items collected and they left Michigan on September 11.

Donations were collected from all across the state and we had great help loading them into the semi.After all the donations were loaded the semi was full to the top. A Texas flag signed by the volunteers was also sent along as a memento.

We'd like to say a couple of special thank you's to Family Farm and Home in Fenton, MI. They had almost 4 full pallets to send down to those in need in Texas. Thank you Sierra and Mike for helping us get the truck loaded. And thank you to Stephanie Adam of Countryside Transport and Jeff for supplying transportation to Texas, pizza for lunch and donations to fill the truck. There are many in the state of Michigan that have come together to make this possible. We truly appreciate your generosity.

When the truck made it to Sour Lake, TX the folks that unloaded it were very happy to see the truck. They couldn't believe how much of a variety was sent and how fast it was all put together. Everything on that truck was needed by someone in the community there. Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!

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